Board Year '21-'22 FAQ's

Board Year '21-'22 FAQ's

Here are some questions that we have answered for you, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email our chair, Eva, at

What does it mean to be in a Kroton board year?

               The simple answer is you get to lead our association with five other individuals and make decisions for the future of this association.

How much work is it?

               The Kroton board year is a part-time board. Meaning that you will have time for all of your studies and extracurricular activities while being a part of this board year.

How does the selection process work?

               Once all the candidates apply you will be asked to attend an interview where we will ask some questions regarding what your goals and aspirations are for the upcoming board year.

Why would I join a Kroton board year?

               There are many reasons to join a board year, but we will highlight 3 main reasons to join. There is the leadership opportunity reason, as you get to be involved in all decisions made by our association. There is the social reason, as you will be the new face of Kroton and will attend most socials and parties with five other individuals who (believe it or not) you get to share a bond like no other. Lastly, there is the academic reason, as being part of a board will look great in your CV as you apply to different jobs in the future.

What positions are there on the board?

               Chair: You are the head of the board and have to lead meetings while also making very important decisions

               Secretary: You are responsible for the registrations and deregistration of our members, while also making the newsletter every month.

               Treasurer: You are responsible for all the transactions made in the name of Kroton and are also responsible for the budget that you will have to make at the beginning of the year.

               Head TC: You are the first contact for new members and, along with filling up and maintaining teams, you are tasked with observing our players closely.

               Internal Coordinator: You are the link between the board and committees, you have to stay on top of all the different committees to make Kroton a well-run ship.

               External Coordinator: This year the board of ’20-’21 wants to introduce a new position in Kroton that will replace the Match Secretary. You will be in charge of the PR and sponsor acquisition of Kroton and overall be representing                 Kroton externally.

How do I know if I’m qualified?

               The only qualification we ask of you is that you are motivated to become one of the leaders and faces of Kroton while making decisions that aid our members and our club.

How do I apply?

               You can email our chairwoman Eva by email ( with your desired position on the board.  


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